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PoochPal • Who Loves Dogs The Most?

JUNE 15, 2015

PoochPal is the app for finding dogs and owners in your local area for walking, playing or just meeting up. PoochPal wanted to find out who loves dogs the most. Turns out, it's Americans. They have the highest number of dogs, the most per capita, and even have more dogs than kids!

Download the app for free at the iTunes App Store or follow @poochpal on instagram.
Producer & Designer: Aimée Stewart

Who loves dogs the most poochpal infographic

Competition • How to Navigate Dublin on Bloomsday

JUNE 9, 2015

All the action in James Joyce's Ulysses takes place in Dublin on June 16th 1904. Keen Joyceans take to the streets every year to follow in Leopold Bloom's footsteps, many in period costume, with readings, walking tours, bike rallies and pub crawls. The journey takes you from Martello Tower to Glasnevin Cemetery, traversing the city and perhaps finishing in town with a gorgonzola sandwich and a glass of burgundy. This infographic overlays the 18 chapters on a Dublin street map highlighting key landmarks such as the National Library, the National Maternity Hospital, Davy Byrne's pub and of course No 7 Eccles Street. If you like our Facebook page you'll be entered to win a Limited Edition print! Competition closes on June 17th and the winner will be announced on Facebook.
"...yes I said yes I will Yes."

Producer & Designer: Aimée Stewart

Ulysses Bloomsday infographic

Equal Marriage Referendum

MAY 28, 2015

Ireland made history to become the first country to vote yes to equal marriage. We captured the conversation in this infographic.

Olytico tracked over 250,000 publications in real-time, and found 13,000 articles published on the subject. Alan Rice mined 116,694 tweets with #MarRef to give us a picture of what people were saying.
Producer & Designer: Aimée Stewart

Referendum on Equal Marriage infographic

Guardian Digital Agency • The Lancet Commission on Liver Disease

NOVEMBER 27, 2014

Following our successful piece on HIV in Sex Workers, the Lancet asked us to produce an infographic to summarise the findings of the UK Commission on Liver Disease.

Producer: Aimée Stewart • Designers: Paulo Estriga & Caroline Leprovost

Lancet Liver Disease

balls.ie • The Life of Brian

MARCH 12, 2014

O2 commissioned this infographic to celebrate the retirement of a national hero. We document every injury and every point from his glittering career for Leinster and Ireland.

Producer & Designer: Aimée Stewart
The Life of Brian

GiftsDirect • The First Ever Christmographic

NOVEMBER 22, 2013

What do you get when you cross Gifts Direct with Infographic Natives? The first ever Christmographic!! We're registering that, by the way! Here's a visual of Christmas fun facts to get you through the awkward drink-token phase of the Christmas party.

Producer & Designer: Aimée Stewart


Death in the Desert

APRI 14, 2013

Struck by the numbers killed while watching a documentary on the Dakar rally, their deaths are recorded here in the shape of a stop-sign with each person killed represented. Shockingly, numerous locals aren't even named in the press while competitors killed are lauded.

Producer & Designer: Aimée Stewart
dakar deaths infographic

GetBulb • The Movie Index

APRIL 11, 2013

Here's a place-time continuum to help you find the cheapest cinema ticket. Who knew inflation and PPP could be so much fun!

Producer & Designer: Aimée Stewart
movie index

GetBulb • Lady Gaga Versus Assassin's Creed

MARCH 23, 2013

Gaming aficionado Joe Griffin challenged Aimée to prove the might of Assassin's Creed over Lady Gaga as a proxy for, well, everyone! The data don't lie! Check out the original post here.

Producer & Designer: Aimée Stewart
Lady Gaga Assassin's Creed wealth

Rape Culture

MARCH 20, 2013

What a conundrum... I want a boyfriend but I don't want to get raped. The Rules tell me to grow my hair long and wear short skirts. But a scary email forward warns that rapists look for hair to grab and clothes to tear off. Jane Ruffino highlights the dilemma.

Jane noticed a ready-made venn diagaram when she read The Rules alongside an email written to keep girls safe. It's designed like a personals page in the paper.
Producer: Jane Ruffino • Designer: Aimée Stewart

Rape culture Rules

GetBulb • The Cover-Up Cardinals

MARCH 13, 2013

This infographic was designed for GetBulb in the build-up to the white smoke, using the Guardian Datablog as a starting point. Find the original post here. We were pleased to see Pope Francis wasn't on our naughty list!

Producer & Designer: Aimée Stewart

Infographic Papal Conclave Pope Facts

The Penal Code on Punctuation

FEBRUARY 18, 2013

Bad grammar is a major bugbear at NATIVES. This infographic is aimed at graduates who still make elementary punctuation errors, to their shame.

Producer & Designer: Aimée Stewart
Please note this is British English!
punctuation grammar