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The Guardian Data Store
Data Visualisation Competition

APRIL 1, 2013

The Guardian, in conjunction with Google and Open Knowledge Foundation, ran a competition inviting entrants to visualise a dataset from any government open data website. I spent a few hours trawling government sites and, limited by language restrictions, decided to focus on the City of London both for its usability and breadth of datasets. The national site by comparison was frustrating, with circular references and dead links.

I always felt smug on my 15 minute jaunt from Shoreditch to the City and could never imagine trekking from Reading or enduring the Waterloo & City line sardine-fest. As I perused the vast rows of commuter data I decided to visualise the veritable marching ants.

And yes, this was done this manually—row by row, layer by layer.
Producer & Designer: Aimée Stewart
Get the Data: Commuting Patterns; House Prices: Earnings

London commuter flows visualisation

Isolated commuter paths

City visualisation
City workers
Westminster visualisation
Kensington visualisation
Croydon visualisation
Leaving visualisation
Outbound for work